Spoiler Time: Seven Spoilers from the next American Horror Story: Coven

  • Zoe no longer has to be the one in charge of saving the coven. Cordelia’s ready to rock. It’s time for her mother to pass the torch and get a new, freshly powerful Supreme to lead them.
  • In doing so, Cordelia must make a move against her own mother with the help of the other witches. But do they have the stones to pull it off? And will it even work against Fiona?
  • Neighbors Joan and Luke Ramsey are back and let’s just say their relationship is part Constance/Addie Langdon and part Kyle/Alicia Spencer. So that’s … special.
  • Speaking of Kyle, it’s becoming clear which one of his two lady loves he prefers and the other one is quite jealous and hurt.
  • On the voodoo side of things, Marie Laveau has Queenie out committing nefarious acts as she brings her into the fold.
  • And Marie’s special helper Hank is also on the prowl, driving Misty Day and Myrtle into the coven house.
  • Poor Fiona’s cancer just gets worse and worse — “I’m starting to look less Samantha and more Endora every day.”
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Spoiler Time: 8 things to know about The Flash

HE’S A NICE GUY | “Barry comes to Starling City because there is an unexplained robbery at Queen Consolidated, and Barry is very interested in the unexplained, for reasons we find out over the course of these two episodes,” Kreisberg teased. “He’s the opposite of Oliver in a lot of ways — outgoing and funny, a little bit unsure of himself and smart.” The physical contrast, too, between the square-jawed vigilante and Gustin’s lanky, youthful alter ego is “both comical and fun.”

GUSTIN WOULD BE BARRY’S PAL | The Glee alum, who was the first person to read for the role, “immediately thought [Barry] was funny and endearing, and I hadn’t done anything like that,” the actor said. “He’s fun to play. He’s likable. I would be his friend. I haven’t had the opportunity to play a character that I would actually enjoy spending time with.”

SPARKS FLY | In trying to figure out a way to introduce Barry into Arrow‘s world, the writers spent a lot of time “talking about Oliver and Felicity and their growing … feelings for each other,” Kreisberg revealed. “[Because] Barry and Felicity are so similar — they’re both a bit uncomfortable in their own skins and very likable and personable — it just seemed like they would instantly hit it off, which would just complicate things for Oliver even more. It felt like the right way to go.”

THERE WAS A CHEMISTRY TEST | And we don’t mean one performed by Barry. Emily Bett Rickards, who plays Felicity, was brought in to read with Gustin, after which “it was like a done deal,” Kreisberg related. Joked Berlanti: “We wanted to make sure he didn’t seem like jailbait next to her.”

YOUNG JUSTICE | “We’d always seen [Barry] as being a little bit younger,” allowing for a few playful jabs at the scientist’s expense to address the elephant in the room, said Kreisberg. Not being super-confident and strong, Barry “needs the bolt of lightning to be a hero in a way [Oliver] doesn’t need the bolt of lightning.” Added Johns: “[Oliver] needs the heart, Barry has the heart. [Oliver] has the body, Barry needs the body.”

HIS FUTURE IS BRIGHT | Now that The Flash is getting its own pilot rather than a backdoor one, “Episode 20 will just be an episode of Arrow” — which has actually turned out to be a blessing, Kreisberg admitted. “[A backdoor pilot] actually made it a little bit harder because we were going to have to take a right turn [from] where we were in our ongoing story to incorporate that.” Although Barry may no longer be getting his own episode toward the end of the season, viewers will still hear “about what happened to him in the way that you’re hearing now about Star Labs on the periphery, and certainly in terms of Felicity since she has a connection with him,” revealed Berlanti.

THE DC LORE RUNS DEEP | “We’re using a lot of mythology and characters from the comics in the development of The Flash,” said Johns. For one, the tortured backstory for the character in the comics will play a big role in the pilot. “To use how he reimagined the character’s origin and to have it be so emotional and to now actually be able to render that in pilot form has been terrific,” Berlanti raved.

OTHER FLASHY HEROES | “In success, hopefully, with The Flash, there’s a way to bring on some of the more fantastical characters that will probably still go through the grounding lens with which we view everything [on Arrow],” said Kreisberg, adding that “there’s a hint of a major character in the [Flash] pilot,” but he warned that it could be cut.

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Spoiler Time: Arrow, Once Upon a Time, American Horror Story: Coven, and Sleepy Hollow


Any update on new villains arriving soon?  Yes, Clock King’s time has come! Sources confirm that the CW hit will introduce the pivotal DC Comics baddie (aka William Tockman) later this season. The casting notice calls for an actor in his 40s or 50s to play the criminal mastermind who has “the mind of a chess grandmaster, and can envision all the interlocking pieces of Starling City and adjust them in favor of his crimes.” Got casting tips? Hit the comments!

What’s the deal with particle accelerator in the background on the news? Is this a problem to come? It’s gonna be a problem for this guy, that’s for sure.

Once Upon a Time

Will the second half of Season 3 take place entirely in Storybrooke, or will there be trips to another never-before-seen world?  More akin to Season 1′s storytelling, “The second half [of Season 3] will take place between Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest,” series cocreator Eddy Kitsis told Matt Mitovich. In other words, EP Adam Horowitz underscored, “It’s not a ‘journey to another land’ paradigm” à la the Neverland arc concluding Dec. 15. “We always have the ability and the desire to dip into other lands, which it’s more than likely we shall do,” Horowitz added, “but it will be in the way that we’ve done it in the past, as opposed to locking all of our characters onto a boat and sending them [to a new realm].”

American Horror Story: Coven

Is there any hope for Zombie Kyle?  While still not a cunning linguist, Kyle’s speech is improving, although Madison isn’t exactly thrilled with what he says in this week’s episode.

Sleepy Hollow

Are we ever going to find out who vouched for Ichabod when Luke called Oxford?  Executive producer Ken Olin tells TVLine that the episode’s script originally revealed that Capt. Irving set up the charade to throw a suspicious Luke off Ichabod’s trail… but that tidbit never made it to screen. “I didn’t edit it, but I think it was probably removed for time,” Olin says. As for the loose end – whether created on purpose or by a pressed-for-time editing staff – the EP admits, “I don’t know whether now that will be paid off, but it was certainly left hanging.”

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Casting News: Sleepy Hollow

thVictor Garber has been cast on Sleepy Hollow as Ichabod’s father. He’s set to appear in at least one of the series upcoming episodes.

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Spoiler Time: Beauty and the Beast, Arrow, and Sleepy Hollow

Beauty and the Beast – One of our main characters will be put in some serious danger when they are kidnapped and locked in a cell for nefarious purposes. Here’s hoping that if they make it out of the experience alive, they won’t be a completely different person.

Arrow – The puppy love between Felicity and Barry Allen is too freakin’ cute?! Oh wait, you watch Arrow for the action and drama? OK then: Oliver shoots one of these five people with an arrow: Sin, Thea, Roy, Lance or Diggle.

Sleepy Hollow – Fans will meet George Washington by the end of the season. In fact, the first POTUS will be introduced before the finale and will have gravitas for days. We’re guessing we’ll see him in flashbacks was Katrina as Katia Winter tells us, “Who do you think introduced Ichabod to George Washington?”

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Rutina Wesley talks Tara and True Blood’s final season

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Spoiler Time: Five Spoilers from Arrow’s next episode “The Scientist”

1. Barry Allen has a rather impressive entrance into the episode. It highlights just how much of a clumsy nerd this guy is — before he becomes a superhero anyway.

2. There have been few episodes of “Arrow” in which the events on the island and the events in the present-day parallel as perfectly as they do in “The Scientist.” Flashbacks in this episode are absolutely essential: Dr. Ivo’s work didn’t stay stranded on that island.

3. People who have been upset that “Arrow” doesn’t have enough comic-book themes like super-strength and pseudoscience will absolutely love “The Scientist.”

4. Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and Barry hit it off right away. Nerd calls to nerd, after all. Look for Oliver to have a very Oliver-ish reaction to the competition.

5. Having been exonerated of her crimes, Moira Queen does what Queens do best — she has a party. But is it a party without guests? (And no, Malcolm Merlyn is not invited.)

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Once Upon a Time: Recap of S2:Ep.19 – Lacey and Synopsis and Promo of the Evil Queen

Synopsis: David reluctantly agrees to help Gold restore Belle’s memories, but they discover that Regina has given the amnesiac princess a new set of memories. Meanwhile, when Emma learns that Anton has the means to take everyone back to the Enchanted Forest, she must decide which world to live in. In the fairy tale world, Rumplestiltskin forces Belle to accompany him on a hunt for a thief that she freed.

My thoughts: There is something magical about Belle-centric episodes. In this episode, in our world, Regina makes Belle think she is a barfly named Lacey. Gold than finds himself trying to woo Lacey in order to get her true memories back. Even as Lacey, she sees good in Gold and that give him hope. But, then she leaves him in the dust in the middle of her date to go canoodle with a guy from the bar.  She sees him attack the guy and that turns her on… they are turning into the couple that is always on Maury.

In the Fairy tale land, we look back at when Belle lived as Rumple’s servant in order to protect her kingdom from the ogres. Rumple is pissed at her because she helped Robin Hood escape. When he escaped he stole from Rumple and now Rumple is dragging Belle along for the pursuit. She sees that he is indeed a good man, when she leaves Robin Hood along as they learn that the reason Robin stole the wand was to heal Marian from her illness and sees that she is pregnant. Belle hugs him for his kind deed and you can see the change in his demeanor. This leads him to give her a library. Where is Peabo Bryson when you need him.

Now, this was all predicated by the fact that Gold is beside himself by the idea of offing Henry because he knows that it will end his relationship with his son, so he turns to Belle (while she is still in the hospital) for help.

It other Storybrooke news, Emma tipped off Regina about something happening. So, she follows the trucks tracks to the magic bean field… uh oh.

Also, Emma struggles with the idea of moving to Fairytale land and then there is the plotting of Tamara and Greg, who bring Hook back to Storybrooke to assist them in their attempt to take down this town.

Again, Belle and Rumple storylines are made to delight the viewers. I hope we see more of Robin, but I cannot wait to see what is up with the outsiders.

Next time:

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Casting News: Emilie Ravin promoted to series regular on Once Upon a Time

Emilie de Ravin has been promoted to series regular on Once Upon a Time.

Ravin portrays Belle, from the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale, who on the show is Mr. Gold’s/Rumplestiltskin’s long lost love.

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